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Strat-o-timer GMT: Joker


Strat-o-timer GMT: Joker

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SKU: JM-D303-005

Included Attachment: 20mm Black Tropic Strap

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20mm 7-Link Bracelet

Limited Edition. Only 100 Made.

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Jack Mason’s Attention to Detail

This purple Strat-o-timer is a limited edition of 100. Housing the highly anticipated Miyota 9075 automatic GMT movement, the Strat-o-timer marks the beginning of a new era of GMTs that features a jumping local hour hand. With a vision of becoming a legacy brand in our home state of Texas, the Strat-o-timer is assembled, and the movement regulated, in the USA.

Only 100 Made

Be one of the only enthusiasts in the world to have this unique Strat-o-timer GMT in purple and black. This watch will never be made again.

Crazy Collectable

Put a smile on your face with this special collector’s piece. It’s equally collectable and wearable, so put it on display or wear it out. You make your own rules.

In the Darkest of Hours

While most people may prefer to stay in the light, the warm green glow of C3 lume will likely draw some closer to the darkness.

USA Assembled & Regulated

American assembly allows us to have full ownership over quality control. The Strat-o-timer GMT is regulated to an accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per day.

Designed in Texas

Thoughtfully designed from front to back at our headquarters in Dallas and features our new signature Lone Star logo.